Судьба одной картины Андрея Иванова. Исследование и реставрация

The Destiny of one picture by Andrei Ivanov. Research and Restoration

Tretyakov Gallery
october 17 2017 — january 14 2018

Lavrushinsky Lane, 10, hall 11

In 2016, the restoration work was completed on a painting by Andrei Ivanov, a well-known historical painter, entitled “Saint Ambrose Forbids Emperor Theodosius from Entering the Cathedral” (1829).

The tableau created in the latter period of the artist’s career was donated to the Tretyakov Gallery’s collection in 1968 by the family of E.G. Arendt, the widow of the well-known cardiologist А.А. Arendt, and back then it was called “The Christening of Prince Vladimir in Chersonesus.” 

However, when a close examination was carried out, the authentic iconography of this monumental work was ascertained and interesting facts of its existence discovered. The painting that features a rare theme for Russian art was created among other commissions for the church of the Russian spiritual mission in China.

The exhibition will allow patrons to get acquainted with the research and restoration activities of the museum, will draw the attention of today’s sinologists and historians of Russian Orthodox missions abroad, because the painting stayed in China for a long time, and the circumstances of its comeback to Russia remain unknown so far.