Main Building
Masterpieces of Russian art of the 11th - early 20th century, temporary exhibitions, cultural programs
About museum

This is a historical building, which housed the collection of the founder of the Gallery P.M.Tretyakov (since 1856). Here you can see more than 1300 works of Russian art from the 11th till the early 20th century, beginning from pre-Mongolian icons and mosaics and ending with landscape, portrait and historical painting and masterpieces, including works as "Trinity" by Andrei Rublev and "The Apparition of Christ Before the People" by Alexander Ivanov. The works of the great artists V.I.Surikov, V.V.Vereshchagin, I.E.Repin, V.A.Serov and others are represented in different sides.

Halls 55, 61 and 62 are temporarily closed. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Work time
  • Mon Closed
  • Tue, Wed, Sun 10:00 — 18:00
  • Thu, Fri, Sat 10:00 — 21:00
The ticket office closes an hour before the end of work of the Gallery
Moscow, Lavrushinsky Lane, 10, 119017
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  • Adults 500 ₽
  • Students 200 ₽
  • Children under 18 years of age Free
Free admission
План залов
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Rent an audioguide for the permanent exhibition and temporary exhibitions: 

 - in Russian — 350 ₽
 - in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese languages — 500 ₽.

Deposit — 2000 ₽ or any ID. The rental period is limited only by working hours of the Museum.

The audioguide service is provided by a partner of the Tretyakov gallery - the "Delia" company.
Lost and Found
To get information about forgotten things and documents please contact our administrators by number: +7 (495) 957-07-27
Before entering the exposition halls please leave things larger than 30х40х20cm at the storage.
There are several stores in the halls of the Museum where you can purchase books, prints, educational games and a variety of Souvenirs.

Credit cards sre accepted.

Get more detailed information about the Museum shops by phone numbers: +7 (495) 957-07-15.
Restaurant and Café
There is a restaurant and а cafe "Tretyakov Brothers" near the main building of the Gallery.
The restaurant is located in a historic building of 13-19 centuries, which is a part of the architectural ensemble of Tretyakov gallery in Lavrushinsky lane.

Restaurant work time: 10.00-23.00 every day. 
Cafe: 11.00-18.00 every day except Monday.

Сonditions for visitors with disabilities
There is a ramp in the entrance area, an elevator and several wheelchairs in the New Tretyakov Gallery.

Details can be ascertained by phone number: +7 (495) 957-07-27
Non-professional photography (including cellphone cameras) is allowed at the permanent exhibition without flashlights and additional equipment, including selfie sticks. Further publication and replication of the footage is not allowed.

Photography of temporary exhibitions is not allowed.
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